What is a Barndominium? 

Custom Interiors Homes, LLC specializes in building “barndominiums”.  A barndominium is a recent term or word that has come into use coined from two words barn and condominium. 

One definition of a barndominium refers to a type of a steel building.  Generally this structure has a steel frame with metal siding. Originally these steel structures were designed to be used as storage buildings, warehouses or barn structures. At some point the addition of living areas were added to the open space. The steel buildings are typically built on an existing property or multi-acre homesite and the structure often acts as a dual purpose living, shop, garage, work and storage area. The storage areas are large enough for boats, recreational vehicles and in some cases small aircraft. 

The term barndominium has also been used for wood-framed structures aka pole barns and is often used interchangeably with terms like "barn home" and "barn with living quarters". The wood frame/pole barn is also built on an existing property or multi-acre homesite and functions in the same way as a steel building for the most part. 

At Custom Interiors Homes, LLC we specialize in the wood-frame structure/pole barn.